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Monday, June 25, 2012

the outtakes

A lot of times on Crass Cuisine I make a meal and discover after the fact that I have nothing interesting to say about it. So I eat it, take a picture of it, and forget about it. After working on this blog for 2 years now I have accumulated a lot of photos of dishes that were never featured, along with some photos of food at grocery stores and farmers markets that struck me as beautiful or interesting. So I thought I would do a post featuring those. Hope you enjoy:

berries at the portland, or farmers market

raw artichoke

 grilled skirt steak with pan-seared fresh chiles and shallots

apple pie

lamb stew

 pomegranate prawn curry with fresh cilantro

roasted red pepper and anchovy salad

rosemary and garlic rubbed roast

 lemon icebox pie with vanilla wafers

 lemon meringue pie

 wild mushroom risotto with lamb stock

 eggplant curry

 vegan chocolate cupcake with pink himalayan sea salt

 Julia Child's french onion soup

 pork chop sandwich

 asparagus, cherry tomato and chicken penne with fresh basil

 peach, apricot and fresh ginger pie

 roma tomato and fresh basil salad

 lavender, honey and blackberry teacup pie
 rainbow chard stems
southern buttermilk biscuits


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