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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Night Soporific

My mother has major food allergies. As a result, my childhood diet was punctuated by healthful substitutes for mainstream foods, such as rice milk, rice bread and tofu mayo. Ever since I've been an adult and learned to cook for myself, I've avoided these ultra-healthy foods, probably because I don't need to eat them anymore, I can have the real thing. They aren't bad per se, but there not good, either.

Things have changed a lot since I lived at home. Now we have something called almond milk, which I've seen around in Choices, Whole Foods (I call it Whole Paycheque) etc, but never tried. Until I went to my friend Tracy's house. She made me a cup of red rooibos tea with vanilla flavoured almond milk that she heated slowly in a tin urn over her gas element until bubbling, then sweetened with honey. Holy shit is this good. I immediately went out and bought the ingredients to make it myself. Most dollar stores will sell metal cups that you can place directly on your stove element, and this is what I bought and used. Fill the cup with almond milk, place on the element and heat on medium low until bubbling hot. Add honey to taste. Cut with a little hot water and pour into a mug in which you've placed a red rooibos tea bag. Serve immediately.

Besides being delicious and cozy, it has an unexpected side effect of making me sleepier than the best sleeping pills (and I've tried every one you can get). I had some this afternoon then fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours. This shit rules. I encourage you to make your own and fall into your own, sleepy Sunday coma.


  1. 3-hour nap for no reason ... Winning! :)

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