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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Incredible Whiteness of Being

Yesterday I was sitting in the Yaletown marina, with my Earl Grey tea latte, watching the sun on the water and enjoying the smell of the sea, when it hit me: I am so white.

Seriously. What is up with white people? In North America (I don't know anything about Europe so I'm not going to pretend I do) white people do what I was doing all the time, we sit around having deep white-person thoughts on a perfect background template. Our relaxing times are moments to revel in our own awesomeness. They don't just occur anywhere. We are high-end relaxers. Relaxing, to our minds, should be done on the set of a Folgers commercial.

If you haven't read Stuff White People Like, you should because it's so accurate it's spooky. As Nadine says it's "too close to home". I fit the bill perfectly. I read a lot of David Sedaris, I get a lot of pedicures. I love me a good farmer's market. Realizing you are a stereotype is a funny thing. I have enjoyed it because I enjoy humility, it fits in with what I perceive to be the correct order of things.

Upon the realization that I am whiter than white I was forced to think of all my posts relating to Asian food. Why are white people so attracted to the cuisine of other cultures? Well, because ours is mind-numbingly boring. We forgo the murky cuisine of our frigid ancestors and choose yours because it's far more interesting. Plus, white people like to think of themselves as "cultured".

So, what is a white North American dish? Turkey at Thanksgiving? Corn Flakes? Macaroni and Cheese? Wonderbread? Froot Loops? I don't know, but I'm going to check it out. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I'll try to be less of a stereotype. Or not. Either way doesn't really matter to me, as long as I don't turn out like this:

(Shout-out to my grandparents Ed and Lois, who are celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary today. 57 years! I usually get sick of people after about an hour. Just sayin'. Respect.)


  1. At the moment I'm sipping a hot beverage reveling in YOUR awesomeness. Love this.

  2. I don't normally randomly post on other people's blogs, but Facebook led me here. And I can't ignore any opportunity to promote my favourite dessert, which also happens to be uniquely Canadian.

    White food? How about butter tarts? Tourtière, not exclusively Quebec fare and apparently served throughout New England. Chowder. Cobblers, crisps and crumbles. Chicken fried steak, fried chicken and biscuits, which may be Southern, but definitely started out as white. Chocolate chip cookies. Smoked meat, especially the Montreal variety. Reuben sandwiches. BBQ. And of course, apple pie. Maybe not all WASPy, but definitely white.

    I'm going to guess you're already a fan of Alton Brown. He would never call white food boring.

  3. good points ansel, i never thought of butter tarts, and they are one of my favorites also! i had no idea who alton brown was until i googled him after seeing your comment. i'm sure i have lots to learn from him seeing as he is a chef and i'm not. but it's interesting to see what other people think of as white north american food. that's why i'm glad you commented, thank you for doing so and feel free to comment any time!

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