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Friday, March 18, 2011


Poor Stella. Recently her strange habits have caught up with her, as she has licked the fur almost completely off one side of her belly and has been using her poo box every 4 minutes. Now granted, she is a strange cat, so for her to do one of these things doesn't make me bat an eye. However, put the two together, and I've started to think she might have a bladder infection, or something like it. So as a good kitty mummy I made her a vet appointment and hauled her screeching ass into the Urban Animal Hospital here in the West End (if you need to take your beast to see a vet, I recommend them, they are lovely).

Other than her screaming all the way down the street in her cat carrier, other than the 3 (3!) people in the vets office who had to don elbow-length leather gloves just to handle her, other than the $150 bill for what felt like 5 minutes, it was fairly pleasant experience in the life of a pet owner. Pleasant turned to ecstatic when I found out she would need to wear a cone for the next few days. It might sound insensitive, but there is something about a cone on a cat that makes me giggle like a maniac. It's the same part of my brain that makes me giggle every time I hear the word "Regina". Anyway, I digress.

As soon as we got home and she got settled and less pissy, I made her don the soft cone at a jaunty angle and proceeded to take about 400 pics of her on my phone. And it was so worth it. At first, she seemed genuinely surprised:

Then, she got her drama on:

I call the above pose the "go on without me"


Oh, Stell. (Yes, that's tape on the arms of my couch. It's to prevent the beast from turning it into an $800 scratching post)

In honour of her innagural sporting of the cone, I decided to make nori cones for dinner:

Vegetarian Nori Cones

1 package nori sheets (sushi-grade seaweed)
1 bunch enoki mushrooms
1 green onion, cut into scallions
hot sauce (optional)
1/2 avocado, cut into slices
1 cup white sushi rice

While rice is cooking, chop the green onion and avocado. Separate the mushrooms into individual threads. When rice is finished, take two tablespoons and place on the left hand side of a half sheet of nori. Lift up one corner of the nori and fold over to the right, continue rolling horizontally until a tight cone is formed on one end. Dip into hot sauce and soy sauce, alternately, and gobble up.

If it's your first time dealing with nori, you may find you feel about cones the same way Stella does: they make you want to kill yourself. But a little fiddling will make them form somewhat correctly. And if they don't, they're still edible.

I like to put the hot sauce directly on mine, in case you were wondering what that red stuff was. And yes, this is a terrible cone. I'm still a novice, okay? Fuck.

After dinner, Stella seemed to accept her fate and cleverly figured out how to use her cone as a pillow:

Adaptation at it's finest. There's some lesson here for me, but I'm a little thick and don't get it yet. Enjoy and happy Friday!


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