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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Papric Freak: Listen to your Mama

Oh, my God.

You know that moment when you realize your parent is right about something even though you thought it was bullshit? I'm having that day today.

For Christmas, my mum gave me smoked paprika. When I unwrapped it and looked at her she held up her flat palm: "look, that is the best tasting thing you will ever use. Forget what you think paprika tastes like - use this. Use it on eggs, on potatoes, whatever. Just use it and you will see what I mean".

I believed her in that double way you believe parents when they recommend something: sounds great but yeah right. Today, I tried it because I had a craving for Toad in a Hole. If you haven't had it, it's a great comfort food: Take two pieces of (preferably high quality) sourdough or your favorite kind of bread, slice a generous piece and cut a hole in the middle. Place on an oiled skillet until you hear a sizzle. Then crack an egg into the hole and let cook to taste. Flip once. At this point is when I filled the yolk of the egg with the smoked paprika and a few leaves of cilantro (because I fucking love cilantro). Once done I transferred to a plate and added fresh cracked black pepper and salt. I cut in and chowed down and - - this is a different meal than I am used to. It's taste is like a campfire that you used to sit in front of as a kid. It's so delicious I had to stop a few times to try to figure out if I was just buzzed or really enjoying this as much as I thought I was. The taste of smoked paprika is ridiculously good. It made an otherwise plain meal. And? The addition of the cilantro added a cool relief to the smoky heat. Om nom nom nom nom.

Mum, you were right:

Never again will I question you.

PS, notice anything different? This is not the usual pan. It's my first piece of cast-iron cookware. I almost burned the house down trying to season it with olive oil and 5 HOURS in the oven before it turned black like it's supposed to before you start using it.  It literally weights about 20lbs. Perhaps I'll kill two birds with one stone: cooking AND toned arms? I'll let you know.

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