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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fried Green Tomatoes

By now you've probably figured out that I'm obsessed with all things Southern. I think maybe it's because it's the exact opposite of the way I grew up. I grew up in cold Canada with damp and rain 9 months of the year, extraordinarily healthy food courtesy of my mother, and a healthy dose of Canadian self-consciousness. Folks in the American South have hot weather, fatty food and arrogance about the superiority of their culture. You kinda gotta love that.

So in that spirit, I thought I would make fried green tomatoes after finding some green heirlooms at Urban Fare:
Basically all you need for this dish is a very simple dredge, flour and egg. Slice your tomato into medium-thick slices, then grab three bowls: one for a beaten egg, one for flour, and one for bread crumbs and fresh black pepper. The order you dip your tomato slices seems a little counter-intuitive, but just bear with me: first dip the slices in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs. The flour makes the egg stick makes the bread stick. Don't ask me why.
Heat some oil in a fry pan, corn is best, olive will do in a pinch. Get it medium hot, then drop those fuckers in and wait for them to brown fully on one side, then flip, only once. Once completely brown put them on a plate and add hot sauce to each along with fresh sea salt. Dig in. Delish.

Basically I love these so much I go cross-eyed when I eat them. They go great with beer or iced tea. It seems like the perfect thing to eat on a hot back porch in the shade in the South, instead of slowly drowning in rain on the West Coast. But whatever. I'm not bitter.
(Please note Stella tried to eat some the second I turned my back on her and them. This is not a question of taste. Stella is a feline garborator. I've seen her drink balsamic vinegar, wine and turpentine. I've seen her eat cheerios, endive, raw garlic, and plaster chips. She is not discerning).


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